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About Melodies Run

Melodies Run is a game to step on the correct notes of the songs. Each level has hand-crafted melodies so you will never get bored. Choose any instrument and play the song. We add well-known and popular songs so there is no way you don't know the song... but in case you don't know, there is a link to original song. Play it, don't step the wrong notes, win the game and play more levels.

We'll add new melodies daily so come back everyday to play.
There are different genre of melodies of songs available such as:
- Pop music
- Classical musics
- Video game music
- Well known meme musics

You can request any songs in the game when you reach final level.
If you come from TikTok, please let me know. Thanks!


Users sharing their experience

I got rick roled never gonna give up never gonna let u downnnn.

Reviews Damia Shahril
Damia Shahril

Could you please add the song: Dark Red

Reviews Summer Stromsoe
Summer Stromsoe

Good game

Reviews Gacha nuggies
Gacha nuggies